Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Nose Has It

Abby had her 1st Grade Spring Festival last week, in which her class sang "Zippity Do-Da" while synchronizing movements with a one those giagantic parachutes that grammar schools are so very fond of.

Evie was a trooper for the whole two hour affair, as long as she got to wear my sunglasses.

Her leeetle nose is so tiny that it won't hold the glasses up unless she cranes her head back. Good lord is it cute!

what do you mean 'I don't have a nose?'

No no, wait....I'll find it...



Dingo Deb said...

heheheh ohhh my gosh,that IS cute. hey mar,how big IS your head if that's the size of your sunglasses?

Cheysu said...

Silly girl, Big glasses are still 'in.'

Tiny sunglasses are sooooooo early 90's.

And my head is huuuuuge.

Midge said...

i don't know. I certainly can't wear those huge sunglasses! They may be still "in" but not for me. I have to wear those tiny 90's sunglasses. Otherwise i'll look like Evie and i don't look as cute.

By the way, she is super cute.

Andy Morris said...

I had to go to your website, for some reason I couldn't get the PM to go through. I was interested in the website for the clothing. I have 3 boys & waiting on my little princess. It sounds like it's worth a look.

Anonymous said...

Hee hee! I just popped over from RQ and I have to say, love the photos. :-)


Balancing Act said...

Big glasses okay but HUGE glassess ummm looks like another time zone to me. Evie looks cute no matter how big or small they are.

Balancing Act said...

You've been tagged. Get crackin chic!