Friday, June 27, 2008


Out of my large family, Evie had many to choose from to be her 'favorite.' With Abby, there was no question it was, I mean 'Miss B.' Abby loved her Auntie 'B' so much that when Auntie was around it was like the rest of us didn't exist. Even now, when Abby is particularly angry at me for some sort of Parental indescretion, she tells me "I'm going to live with Auntie!"

I almost assumed that Evie would love Auntie B the best too, but I was wrong wrong wrong.

So who does Evie love the best? My curmudgeon brother. Her "Unkie Don." The grumpy one. The man who can single-handedly give you the stink eye and shit finger at the same time. And when I say that she loves him, I mean she loves him.

Her eyes light up, she jumps up and down and squeals like a 5 year old girl who just got her first pony. (Yeah, I know that squeal.) She wraps her arms around his legs and holds him close, then runs away for a game of peek-n-boos. (If he doesn't follow, she shrieks his name and waves her arms about like a life-boat survivor.)

To his credit, he goes along with it every time, no matter how long the day or what list needs to be done.

It's amazing to see, and wonderful, and a bit puzzling all at the same time. :)


Dingo Deb said...
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Dingo Deb said...

*giggle* well I'm not surprised at all!,growing up he was my favorite too. Sorry Mar,but he was, cause' you usually puked up grape juice when excited and it was much more fun to chase you with Mrs. Beazley LOLLOLOL!...THAT was funny.
Plus,he has those eyes like dad's that search your soul for the truth and ...when he looks at you it feels like your the only person alive and when you asked a question,he'd have the answer and he would teach me things with the utmost patience and IF(BIG IF here people) you can get him to smile and ..perchance LAUGH welllll..... DANG, that was just THE best feeling in the world! and you'd be walking on sunshine hehehe
I know the feeling Evie gets from
Unkie Don, LOL cause I get that same feeling too.

Dingo Deb said...

sorry, 1st post had a grammar faux pas that I just could NOT leave as is.. err.was...errr... whatever. I had to fix it LOL
:)Love Ya~

Ahem-Kathy said...

Wait, remember when Unkie Don had to wear a suit for some occasion and topped it off with the cowboy hat and cane, he became JR Ewing (sp). I believe we still have pics of that. We used to play Michigan Rummy (Mary, you might not remember) and Unike would arrive at the table with a full cereal bowl of pennies he won off of us the last time. We were scrambling for change each time thereafter. So many good times, not hard to see why Unkie Don is the light of our lives.

Mariah said...

Auntie mary ur my fav aunt! lol! Evie is just a cuddly baby who loves anyone who waits on her hand and foot. Jk Just kidding ttly. I love my Evie bee:)