Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Replacement

Abby decided that she is 'A big girl' and can go to camp.

For two nights. And three days.

I dropped her off this morning at 8:00.... no, I didn't cry. I almost stood outside in the woods with binoculars to watch over her, but Miss B. said that was creepy and could get me arrested. :(

She's been gone for 6 hours. It feel like a lifetime.

There's NO WAY that I'm going to make it until Friday night without her.

As a consolation prize, Miss B. offered to let me keep her oldest daughter to fawn over for three days. See? She can be nice.


Dingo Deb said...

awwww that was sweet of Miss B. She is exceedingly sweet and gentle at times. You'll make it through witout Ab for a little bit,and i's good for you and her to explore life without each other a little bit. Besides Evie is, i'm quite sure more than happy to monopolize your every waking second.
chin up lil' buckaroo! ftiday will be here any second

Dingo Deb said...

*chases the typos around with the mighty "hammer of Bonk"* gggggrrrr