Thursday, July 17, 2008

The First 24 hours

Abby has been away about 24 hours now.

Last night went like this.

7:30 "I wonder what Abby is doing. She must be so tired."
8:00 "It's really quiet. Sigh."
9:00 "She must be in her cabin now getting ready for a shower. I hope there aren't any spiders in the shower...she'll freak."
9:45 "It's lights out. I hope she got the conditioner out of her hair."

This morning is quiet......too quiet. I miss the swoosh-scratch-swoosh-scratch of footie jammies running around after Evie.

7:00 "They must be getting up now. She's probably soooo tired. I hope she slept okay."


Rosehawk72 said...

You're braver than I am! I haven't let Steven go to overnight camp yet. It's more because I'm afraid of the "Your child is too crazy, please come and get him" call. Damn school...I really need to get over that and let him go...

Cheysu said...

It's killing me. You know it is!

And Steven would do GREAT at camp!