Monday, August 11, 2008

Undr The Tabel

I left today for what was suppossed to be a 1 hour appointment at the local Firestone Garage to get new tires on my truck. 1 hour....... yeah, well, it turned into three hours.
At hour 2 I asked my (very sincere) sales attendent what the hold up was. He dutifully went and checked for me. I know because they have one whole wall of glass, and I could see him go back behind my truck. He came back to the lobby.

"I'm sorry for the delay. There was a hardware problem, but it was taken care of."

"What was the hardware problem?" I noticably narrowed my eyes to ensure that he was warned.

"There was (insert jargon here) but he took care of it and he's finishing up now. It should be all set soon."

"Well it must have been a virtual hardware problem, because I watched my truck sit on lifts without anyone around it for over an hour. Was there a lunch break involved with the hardware problem?"

Moron. If you're going to lie about it, make sure there isn't a HUGE GLASS WINDOW for customers to see that you're actually NOT WORKING.

So I get home, 3 1/2 hours later, carrying takeout for my now-starving kids and my mother-the-babysitter. I walk in the door to see Abby's feet fly under the dining room table and I see a note on the staircase.

A little voice yells out "Follow the clues!!"

The note on the staircase says Go UpStrs

I'm flipping starving. I cannot wait to eat. I'm pissed off and tired. I dutifully go upstairs. Another note.

Look necks to the purple tree

It's raining outside. I'm hungry. I go outside to the red oak. Another note.

Undr the cowch

I go inside.

"Abby? Mommy's starving. Can we finish the game later?"


I go to the couch. I'm on all fours scrambling to find a frikken note, I'm soaking wet and so hungry that I'm about to start chewing on the chicken nugget I found petrified under the couch.

In the Garag

"Abby for God's sake, baby, Mommy needs to eat!"

"I can't eat until you find me, and to find me you need the clues!" ::giggle giggle::

To the garage, ice cold feet, soaking wet, pissed off, hungry... note

Undr tabel

"Ah-Ha!! I found you!!!"

Much giggling, and kissing, and then eating.

Some days Mommies work harder for dinner than other days.

(p.s. I miss you, Orly.... were you laughing at me?)


The Captain's Wife said...

He is laughing at you ! We all are :)

Balancing Act said...

Actually we are ALL laughing at you. Frankly the fact she could get you into the rain and back again. Our kids can make us do just about anything for them and even more for food. Glad you finally got your truck back and you got fed.