Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wild Horses, Turtle Nests, Margaritas: It's all Good

We're finally back from our vacation in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. (For the second year running, we missed a Tropical Storm/Hurricane by less than 2 days. We rock!)

Here are some pictures from the trip. They include the Wild Horses of Currituck County, one herd in particular was camped out in our lawn for most of the week (yes, there are herds of wild horses there... yes, actually wild.) Also included are teeny tiny sandy foot prints, me drinking a margarita, and me and Miss B. out for a walk sans kiddos.

It was a great trip, but exhausting. Abby started school just two days after we got back, we had Evie's Birthday party (pics in the next blog) and all sorts of crazy things going on these past two weeks.
Enjoy the pics!

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