Saturday, November 22, 2008

SLTBHF, The Anti-Jedi, and The Mayor's Day at the Spa

Says my Friend, Sheletthebabysheadfall:

"So, I was reading your blog... what are you NOT a Jedi for? What do you Think about? Why haven't you done it?"

My response was laconic.
"Long story."

........Then I proceeded to gripe to her for 40 minutes about my never ending crapfest.

You see, dear readers, all 4 of you that follow, I can't even DISCUSS the plan. My Non-Jedi skill is actually acting as a BLACK HOLE and SUCKING the very plan out of my brain, my vocal cords, and my only decent coversation point with friends! I'm not just NOT a Jedi, I am the ANTI-Jedi.

(((ten points for anyone who can tell me who said "Can you spell Sith Lord?")))

By the way, Sheletthebabysheadfall, do you see how the use of the word Laconic was FUNNY?!? I totally talked for 40 minutes straight, but about TOTALLY different stuff!!!

And Rosehawk, I called. I left a message. I spaced. I sorry. But seeings how things are right now, it was probably more relaxing with the mayor.

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Andherheadisjustfinenow,isn'tit?Stillmortifiedaboutalmost breakingyourchildonDay1 said...

Bwahaaahhaaa! Laconic? Yes, it was "concise to the point of being rude or mysterious". I chose to think of it as mysterious. And then just sat back and listened.

OOOhhh- and do I get the 10 pts? It was you who said "Can you say Sith Lord?". But wait - who was it to? Was it Tom Cruise?

Deep cleansing breath. It's all gonna be okay. You can call and gripe anytime. Apparently the key that let's me know it's really important we talk... NOT leaving a message. Sent me in to a panic that I had to call back immediately.

Your powers are growing evil one, the force is strong in you.