Monday, December 1, 2008

Recipe for Failure: X-mas Pictures 2008

I have a recipe that I know a lot of you have been dying to get your hands on. Until now, I have refused to share it with the rest of you. Probably out of spite and pettiness, because frankly I enjoy lording it over the rest of you, but the time has come for me to share….

Here it is ………

Cheysu’s Recipe for Failure:

1. Buy the kids’ formal gowns without actually trying them on the kids first. Don’t worry… they’ll grow into them before picture day.
2. Schedule your kids’ X-mas picture photo shoot late, and book the first appointment available with your favorite photographer, no matter what time it is for.
3. Try to make sure the shoot is scheduled at a time that will ensure that you have to wake your toddler up from a nap and pick your 7 year up early from gym class.
4. Promise your mother you’ll take her cat to the vet approximately 1 hour before the scheduled photo shoot. Choose a veterinarian that wants to give a play by play on how to give a cat an antibiotic pill, even after protests that you’re sure you can do it all right. Let him repeat the lecture. You don’t have to be on-time for the photo shoot. Professional photographers love it when you’re late.
5. Make sure your toddler is still half asleep from her nap as you shove her into a winter coat on your way to pick up the older child. A happy toddler has no place in a photo shoot. Grumps only, please.
6. Double check with the older child’s school to make sure gym class was really really busy and created the maximum of sweat and snarly hair before you pick your child up.
7. Smile through gritted teeth as you cram both children into formal gowns while the photographer kindly makes small talk.
8. Plead, beg, bribe and then threaten with NO CHOCOLATE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE in order to get your toddler to sit down and smile.
9. Try to not be satisfied with the first few good photos.. tell the kids “Just one more!” and then proceed to go another 20 minutes.

There you have it. My personal recipe for the great Christmas Picture Fiasco of 2008

On a side note……. We did get three great pics of the girls… just not both of them at the same time. ;) Oh well, there’s always next year!


Rosehawk72 said...

I think the post office really likes your cards because they NEVER make it to me and I know you send one!! But this doesn't surprise me as I just got November and December copies of one of our magazines!

Love you!!

Cheysu said...

Okay, this time I want you to email me your entire address includng the 4 digit zip after the zip...........

Didn't your aunt get your card from me one year? (That one I found after after...)