Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Antivirus and No Joy in Mudville

I have been visited and royally screwed by a computer virus.

No, no, not that annoying little thing that has been on the news.

My beloved PC has been totally F*&&*(#ed up by a Vundo virus.

Omigosh, don't you have anti-virus protection.

Yes. I do.

Didn't it detect the virus?

Yes, it sure did. After my computer already got it.

Didn't your antivirus software kill the virus?

I'm glad you asked. Norton AV tried to kill the virus. Then it just said it couldn't. Have a nice frikken day.

Did you run Norton AV's Vundofix.exe?
Yeah. It said I didn't have vundo. Even though regular Norton AV says I do.

Did you call Norton's help desk?
That's an affirmative. "Bob" from Bangalore told me they'd be happy to help, if I could just give them my credit card so that they could bill me for assistance in getting rid of something their product was suppossed to protect me from in the first place.

Did you run Malwarebytes?
You bet. In safe mode. With process explorer halting have the processes to be sure it wiped the virus out.

I have spent 8 flippin days and nights trying to fix my computer. This weekend I have to perform the equivalent of surgery on it. Without benefit of an education or residency.

So my question is this......... why do these jackass programmers send these viruses out?

They aren't taking down THE MAN. They aren't dirupting CORPORATE AMERICA. They're simply destroying the livelyhood of everyday shmoes like me trying to pay bills, get the kids to soccer and put a meal on the table.

I bet that if they caught some of these hackers and left them alone in a room full of soccermoms with baseball bats and no internet connection, there'd be a lot less need for AntiVirus software.

Alas, my posts are from an "alternate location" for now.

Did I mention that I quit smoking 11 days ago and that I'm REALLY GRUMPY!??


The Captain's Wife said...

Oh YAY! You are quitting smoking! Good for you...

I figure the hackers do it because they can. It is a way to toot thier own horns. It makes them feel superior...and well they are~

The Captain's Wife said...

oh yeah...and does "Bob" from "Bangalore" work for me ;)

The Captain's Wife said...

3rd are you F'ing happy you whinny B?

I hadn't even seen your comment to me when I left the previous 2!

Maybe if you posted more I would check on you more frequently and leave you comments..oh can't post more because you got a virus...that's right....

moosh said...

Have you tried Spybot Search and Destroy? Last virus I caught I needed both spybot and malware bytes. Umm... I love you, I miss you, I'd love to get together, but I'll quietly wait with margaritas in hand until the withdrawals have backed down some.

Dingo Deb said...

*growly,twitchy,aggravated old cur*
ummm... that isn't YOU Mar, it's ME...I quit smoking about 9 days ago too so...
*scowly,pissy,"don't even look at me or you will know the wrath of my kind" mood*
*big heavy DEEP sigh.(now that I can actually begin breathing deeply again*
Dingo *Snapper* Deb

Rosehawk72 said...

AVG Free. You can download it and run it without uninstalling Norton. But you will eventually, because's free. B. It's doesn't suck resources like Norton. C. it works. This is what I used when my Adminserver laptop got Vundo from an Adminserver person through IM.