Sunday, October 4, 2009

Abby for the WIN

The day can't pass without celebrating Abby's amazing soccer game and a wonderful win for the team. Everyone was happy, cheerful, supportive and downright LOUD in their pride and admiration for all the kids on the team. Hell, I even cheered for the other team when they got a hard-earned goal. They worked for it, so why not?

Evie was a trooper for the whole game, which was under a blindingly hot Indian Summer Sun. We were all sweating and possibly melting, but the flush of victory kept us in our seats. :)

David Julie did a great job coaching and I'm just so happy to have been there for the win.

Now I have to finish working, pay my mom's bills and get the kids ready for bed.

Tomorrow is Daffodil Planting Day at Abby's school, which I volunteered for, so that should make for an interesting next post.

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