Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jayne says, "C'mon!! Everyone Who Matters LOVES You!"

I was sitting next another soccer mom at a recent event. While we're not drinking buddies or anything, it certainly isn't the first time we've chatted. She has an exiciting and pretty darn amazing career and I like hearing her stories about it.

In conversation about an upcoming weekend game, I mentioned,
"I'll proably take off for a while during the break in games. I've got to work."
She looked me blankly.
"Uh, no."
"Oh, I thought you cleaned stalls or worked at a barn for a living."

Now without going into the rest of the conversation, in which I actually explained what I do for living in addition to be a staying at home mom, the actual crux of the problem is this:

It occurs to me that in all this time, this person never asked me what I do for a living, or even wondered. Multiple college degrees, professional designations, executive awards and published works, and none of it ever discussed? C'mon, I know I talk a lot. At some point, I must've mentioned one of the above in a conversation.

This leads me to a couple of possible conclusions:

1. This person heard "Barn, Horses, Stalls" and deemed me uneducated enough to not ever listen past that.
2. This person just never considered me interesting enough to care in the first place.

Which leads me to two more possible conclusions about those conclusions:

1. I either got judged by my personality or by what they assumed I did for a living.
2. I'm adooooorable! So it must be the barn thing.



Anonymous said...

I really think it's time for you to start hanging out with the soccer dads!


Anonymous said...

Well ... I certainly don't think you forgot your own self worth (time travel to October 2010 to see what I'm on about).

And, I don't see you talking much about yourself on the sidelines. You are involved in the kids -- which might lead to mention of horses -- and the game.

So, I would not feel worthless because of this and would guess it's the adooooorable thing.