Monday, December 28, 2009

Santa Isn't For Babies Anymore

Christmas was just wonderful. Both my girls recieved everything on their Santa Lists and I really think it is a Christmas to remember.

It was very strange because neither of the girls really asked for toys this year. This may be the most Toy-Less Christmas we've ever had. This may be directly related to the fact that we have every toy known to man, but it was still a bit odd. They each asked for very age-appropriate items, or should I say "Stage appropriate?"
Abby was thrilled beyond belief with her Candy Apple Red electric guitar and new laptop, along with a new desk to go with it.

Look at the picture. On one bookshelf are ponies, stuffed animals and art supplies. On the other bookshelf is wall-to-wall books. In between is her new desk. With laptop, dictionaries, World Atlas, multiplication chart and calendar. In the corner of her room is new Fender electric guitar with amp, replacing the painting easel that has been there since she was 2.

Growing up is hard for us parents. Give me a little more time. That last bookshelf is going be gone soon enough.

Evie asked for a piggy bank, a music box, a doll carriage and a new leapster since hers met an unfortunate "washing" accident last September. She got all of those great things, and is most thrilled by the Hello Kitty Digital camera, which she didn't know she wanted until Uncle Don gave it to her. She took to it like water and runs around the house yelling SAY CHEESE!! SAY WAWAMELON!! and then you have .4 seconds to listen to the Def-con 4 missle launch whine of the flash amping up before you're blinded.

If you look closely at the side shot of Abby's new desk, you'll see Evie in all her Flowery-Footy Jammie glory, taking a picture with her new digital camera.

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Shankent said...

So stinkin' sweet Mary! BTW - we still have Evie's coat?! lol

Dingo Deb said...

*giggle* having a big sis at christmas was the best!