Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Surprise Email

New Year's Eve, Evie told me, "You're my Bes Fwend, Mommy." and I said, rightly, that my year was complete, because who could ask for more?
We've had a wonderful vacation together as a family and we're all happy and content.

Then, tonight, after celebrating a great friend's 40th birthday, we came home and Abby logged onto her laptop.

After she went to bed, I got onto the computer to check email and get some work done. I had a message in my inbox.

From: A Tyrrell
Subject: Good Luck

mom. I hope that you will be ok with me at school.I know I will miss you a lot. Abby

My baby knows how much I miss her when she's at school all day, but how thoughtful that she thinks of me, too? Though the kicker is that the subject says "Good luck."


moosh said...

Good Luck? Is that a threat? LOL - what a sweetie, she knows that you have a hard time without your girls around :)

Rosehawk72 said...

What a sweetie! I get texts now, like "Merry Christmas kupcake" LOL