Thursday, January 21, 2010

Brace Yourself, Its here!

My beautiful baby girl on her 9th Birthday

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My beautiful baby girl 3 days later, making that huge leap into a world where looks really do matter and fine, white, straight American teeth rule the adolecent years.

For the record, she was totally brave. I knew she was scared inside because of the way her eyes shifted slightly every second and how she constantly tugged and bent her fingers back, but she didn't let on other than that. When they gave her a mirror, for a second.... her eyes got all watery and her lip quivered, but she held it in. I cried a bit inside for her. I do think she looks cute tho, and the blue bands are totally adorable.

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Later, before soccer, my brother said, "She needs a mouthgaurd."

"She hasn't gotten hit in the face with a ball since last spring. It's just one practice. I'll buy a mouthguard tomorrow."

Oh yeah. You guessed it. First 10 minutes of soccer practice, she takes a ball directly to the face. Every parent there winced, sucked their breath in horror and waited. Her lip quivered. Blood started to form on the corner of her mouth. Then she kept playing.

She is an amazing kid.
I am a shitty parent. One who will go and get a mouthguard tomorrow.

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Sarah said...

Shitty parent award goes to..... you guessed it. Poor Abby. Just showed the picture to Walker. He thinks her braces are cool. Now... go get that mouthguard. Tsk tsk tsk.