Monday, January 18, 2010

The First, and the Squeakquel

Today is not only Abby's official 9th birthday, it is also the first time she has ever gone to the movies and sat more than a row away from me.... (with her friend, Walker, who is a BOY.)

It is also the first time that Evie has ever gone to the actual MOVIE theater to see a movie.

Here are some quotes from her:

"All the Single Ladies!!!"
"Where's Abby?"

I couldn't catch anything else because the straw from her Slushie didn't acutally leave her lips until approximately 90% through the movie, which is when the cup was empty.

The good news is that David can now take both girls to see movies, which is one of his favborite things to do in the world.

The only bad part of the weekend was when someone said to me

I can't believe she's 9!!! That's almost in the double digits!!

I think I almost cried.

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