Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

After 9 long months, its finally here. No, not a baby. And those take 10 months anyway. I'm talking about my COMPUTER!

You may remember last April, when my home PC got nailed by a vicious little bug and 4 years of my digitized live went belly up. I spent weeks desperately trying to fix it and no matter what I did, that virus found a little registry file to hide in and peak it's head back up as soon as I rebooted. In the end, I gave up and moved on without it. But I was lonely, truth be told.

My brother took pity on me, backed everything up and then completely re-imaged it all for me. It is home, hooked up, working like a charm and almost, yea, almost purring.

THANK YOU to my bro, who spent inhuman hours helping me. and SCREW YOU to the schmucks who think its funny to destroy someone's personal property.

Now if only I could network it easily with Abby's new laptop....... unfortunately anyone with the old XP system is just left behind....

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