Sunday, August 22, 2010

First, the good news. If Fernando got any cuter, I just don't know what we would do. Look at how much hes, grown! Look at how big his legs are now, and how frogg-y looking they are! He has continued to grow and change (metamorphasize) at a simply amazing rate and we're looking forward to his froggy antics.

Here's a side view......... And at some point, I want someone to appreciate the time and patience it takes to get my camera to focus on a see through object, through water.

Now for the bad news...... Daisy, the smaller Tad, was found belly up this morning. She seemed perfectly fine over the past week, after a somewhat rocky first day. She was much, much smaller than Fernando, about half his size, and she just didn't grow like he did. She was just starting to get the teeny see-through legs that he had already the day he arrived. Not to get specific or anything, and if you skeev-out easily please skip the next part... but Fernando poops. A lot. Contstantly, really. That means he is eating a lot, so its a good thing. Daisy almost never pooped, and because she was see through, I could see her tummy almost always empty. I think she just wasn't really eating, growing or developing and just gave out.

Evie was very upset to see her Tad belly up, and participated in the "Swamp in the Sky" ceremony afterwards. I'll be calling the Grow a Frog company tomorrow to dicuss this with them. They have a guarantee on their Tads, so I know they'll ship another out, but I'm going to need to have them ship out a BIG tad to keep pace with Fernando.

On another pet note, we were grooming the pony in the pouring rain today. Since we didn't show him this year, his mane and tail weren't trimmed and he looks wilder than ever. Pics to come shortly!
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Sarah said...

Sorry Darla camp to your house but glad she has temporarily left ours. Nice pics!