Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Tadpole Drama Continues

When we lost Daisy last weekend, I had to wait until Monday to contact Grow-A-Frog. This wonderful company has a guarantee on their tadpoles and gladly told us they would send a replacement. Now keep in mind that GAF cannot send tadpoles in all weather. If its going to be hot, you have to wait for your delivery. (You don't want to fry the little guys in the UPS truck!) Since the weather was in the 70's all week, I figured we were free and clear. Wednesday, check the mail, no tadpole. Thursday, check the mail, no tadpole. Huh. So I call to ask when the new Tad was sent. A very worried voice on the phone said, "The Tadpole shipped on MOnday, you should have gotten it yesterday."


They have already delivered the mail, so that meant that Friday was the next delivery, and that meant that wherever he was, it was going to be at least 5 days from door to door. 5 days with no food or sunlight.

At the kids' urging I called our local post office to inquire and lo and behold, they had JUST gotten the box. We drove down lickety-split to pick "Polka Dot" up from the post office. Here are the pics........

And then there is Fernando, getting bigger by the day and showing his ginormous toes... Personally I think he's looking a bit smug over the whole "growing arm buds now" thing.

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Anonymous said...

Let's hope it's a hardy tad. Cheers.