Friday, February 4, 2011

2011 Father Daughter Dance

The girls look forward to the town Father Daughter Dance every year. The entire production, from new dresses to fancy shoes and accessories, is planned for weeks.

This year, Abby kept her eye on the "high heeled shoes" and didn't give up until she got them. Despite our predictions of a broken ankle in the first 10 minutes, she not only kept the shoes on all night, she also proved that she can walk, run and dance in them. The best moment was when she arrived home, mincing along the hallway saying "My feeeeeeeet!" There is a price to pay for dancing all night in fabulous heels.

Evie opted for the "Belle of the Ball" look with the most beautiful dress and lasted most of night before announcing that it was time to call Mommy because she was ready to go home. She got to see her friends Ave and Skye at the dance and the played and giggled.

David was able to chat with the other dads, dance with his girls and ejoy a special "Dads Only" night on the town.

I enjoyed my two hours at home, with the surround sound at 70, rediscovering the pure joy of dancing, singing too loud, and cleaning at the same time. Fun and productive!

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Sarah said...

You do know that I had a secret camera installed just to capture you singing and dancing all by yourself? LOL! Glad you enjoyed the two hours.