Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to School, One Last Fair, and Opening Your Eyes

My baby is a Kindergartner!!  Eve was ready, LL Bean backpack slung, pink plaid dress perfectly pressed and a good night's sleep behind her.  My incredible, wonderful, amazing 5 year old heading off to the first year of many in her world. I think it was easier for her that she was able to ride the bus with her big sister, making the cavernous vehicle not-so-scary.

Abby has, for the first time ever, given over from the time honored tradition of a skirt for the first day of school.  My girl has gone to the "cool" side and wore what I would normally consider "hanging out" clothes... a t-shirt and shorts with sneakers.

This year, for the first time, the dogs didn't accompany the girls to the bus....  the last dog passed away in the Spring and no one has had the heart to bring a new puppy to the house.  Back to school pictures without the dogs... strange times. 
None so strange as the fact that I am not living at my house anymore.... I drove back there to take the Back to School photos for continuity and family tradition.  Most days I'll be driving the girls to school.  I'm still trying to get used to the fact that my home is not my home.  I imagine it's going to take a while, with everything in flux.

Our last day of summer was spent at the Woodstock Fair... cows, horses, draft pulling contests, bunnies, rides, fair food and the company of great friends.  I can't ask for more than that.  :)

Tonight I'm finally slowing down after getting the kids settled from their "first big day of school" and getting a bit of time to catch up and watch a movie.  The selection is "Star Dust."

Star Dust is written by Neil Gaimon, who is an author that I've actually quoted on this blog before.  I love his work, tho occasionally the dark side of it can be a bit disturbing.  Neil Gaimon's Instructions

One of my favorite quotes from Star Dust reminds me of that moment when you kiss someone, not just anyone, but that one perfect person.  The person for whom you open your eyes to see them as you kiss.  And that moment, that very moment, they open their eyes too.  And all of the love and all of the passion is staring right back at you, and there is no coming back from that... that seeing into another person's heart and soul.
Great moment captured by Neil... makes me want to ask him, who was she?  And did he cross the wall for her?

"They kissed for the first time then in the cold spring rain, though neither one of them now knew that it was raining. Tristran's heart pounded in his chest as if it was not big enough to contain all the joy that it held. He opened his eyes as he kissed the star. Her sky-blue eyes stared back into his, and in her eyes he could see no parting from her."

— Neil Gaiman (Stardust)

Pictures of the kids and the fair forthcoming... too tired to load them up tonight...   But peace and good dreams to all the parents who bravely brought their babies to school this week, and to those that relished in the tradition of crisp, blue Fall Fairs, and to anyone who has looked into the heart of the person they're kissing and gotten lost, blissfully

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