Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Open House and an Epic FAIL

This morning, as I dropped Abby off at the school, she turned to me, green eyes shining in the morning light, smile as bright as can be, blew me a kiss and said, "Oh, Mom, the School's Open House is tonight.  Bye!"

I watched her bounce away as I mentally rearranged our evening to attend the Open House. 

Today, picking her up from school...

"I'm really looking forward to meeting your teacher and seeing your classroom."
"Yeah, we don't need to stay for the Presentation, though."
"What?  Why not?  I like hearing about the class plans for the year...."
"No, it's okay.  I told Mrs. Sandburg that you wouldn't be staying for the Presentation."

Blank look.  Crickets chirping.

"Why would you say that?  You know I always enjoy the Presentations!"
"No, you think they're boring.  Last year you completely phased out."

more crickets...

"Baby, it wasn't me who almost fell asleep during the presentation last year."
"Oh, right.  That was Daddy.  Oh well."

I stared at her, almost laughing, until it occurred to me...

"Baby, did you tell your teacher why you thought I wasn't going to stay for the presentation?"
"Yeah, I told her you thought they were boring."

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mhandi said...

I once told my mother that my brother's 4th grade teacher was pregnant. Later in the week, my mother asked that teacher when she was due. There was a long pause. Silence in response. Yeah, turned out she wasn't pregnant...only looked that way.

Not sure how the next parent teacher conference went.