Monday, August 13, 2007

The Hummingbird Factor

Darn. I just sat here for five minutes coming up with a first sentence, and I couldn't even do that. It's not my fault. It's the hummingbird's fault. And David's. I'm used to blaming things on David, but this is the official first time that I am blaming anything on a hummingbird.

Yeah. You read it. I'm blaming my TOTAL LACK OF POSTS on a frikken Hummingbird.

Lemme back up. It's a beautiful summer day with all of the Three H's that you could ask for. (Hazy, Hot... you know the rest.) My sister Karen and I are at Mom's pool with our combined four kids. We're sipping iced tea, eating inhuman amounts of watermelon and Cheetos, and generally having a Norman Rockwell sorta summer's day. I actually had my camera with me and on to document said wholesome-summer-day when I see THEM.
By THEM I mean the Hummingbirds that live in the garden by the pool. And by garden I mean about 800 square feet of Jewel Weed that I begged my mom not to pull out because they are the Hummingbird's favorite food. So Mom didn't weed... and boy did the Hummers come. (no, not the pretentious car/truck/tank driven by caste-loving wannabees, the BIRDS, people!)
So here I am, in a stylish yet affordable sarong covering my slug legs, camera at the ready, trying desperately to catch a picture of a Hummingbird. Did I mention that these lil' suckers are FAST? Sheesh. Most of the pictures are of green......stuff. But in the frantic clicking and over my sister yelling 'THERE!! THERE!!! HOW DID YOU NOT GET THAT PICTURE HE WAS RIGHT THERE!!!' I managed to get it.
By IT, I mean the coolest little Hummer picture EVER. He's sitting on a vine. AND HIS TONGUE is OUT. Oh yeah. Lit' itty-bitty hummer tongue-age.
I took the shot, stared at the screen on my camera and said "This is going on my blog tonight!! This is my next post!"
And then it dawned on me that I blew out my camera/computer connection in China. But no matter, I'd just use David's laptop to transfer directly from the sd card.
But then David was busy that night and never got his laptop to me.
And I refused to post about anything until I got those damned Hummingbird pictures up.
Then days turned into weeks. I don't have the pictures, so I won't post.

Cute things happen. Monumental baby moments. Way-fun parties were held. Abby had her first official show as a 4-H member.
and. no. posts. were. done. about....any of those things.

Why??????????????? Because I swore that the next post would be the Hummingbird Post. With Tongue-y Hummer pics. And I do not change my mind easily.

So all of these amazing things have happened and I didn't post about them because I'm a stubborn hippo in a tutu. A stubborn Hippo who now can't remember all of the incredible omg-I've-got-to-document-that moments that I KNOW I've had over the last two weeks. Sure I remember some of them, but it's not the same.

So, to all of you that have yelled at me for not posting, I'm sorry. But the ones that I really need to apologize to are my kids. Because when I have most of these posts printed and in their lifebooks, there will be some gaps of the WAY CUTEST MOMENTS. But it wasn't my fault. Blame it on the Hummingbird. And David.

(The next post will be about Evie's Dr. visit, Evie's Welcome Home party, Some FABULOUS toys/gifts that I would recommend, and Abby's FIRST VICTORY IN AN EQUITATION CLASS! And snuggling. Baby on purpose snuggling.Sighhhhhhh)


Balancing Act said...

It's about time... We have all been waiting for these so called cute hummingbird pictures. The question is begging to be asked... Do they really exist? I have seent these beautiful hummingbirds but have yet to capture them on film myself. Get blogging girl there's lots to write!

Anonymous said...

Its amazing how small they are. Don't feel bad about blaming David. Husbands are normally the reason for daily paid and suffering.