Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Death Plot

One of my sisters...Miss B., and family went for a day in the park with me and my kids. We packed a picnic lunch, at her request.

While over a mile into the woods, Miss B. suddenly says, "This is a great spot for a picnic, let's all sit on that log and eat."

We all settle onto the log. Miss B, her two kids, me, and my two kids. A few minutes later, Miss B. says "It's too crowded on this log, I'm going to set over there in the grassy spot." (about 10 feet away.)

Sometime during lunch I lifed my eyes to the sky to enjoy the beautiful sunshine when I saw it.
By 'IT' I mean the 6 foot long 'Spear of Death' dangling by a twig, some 40 feet.... directly over my head. My own sister had put me directly under the Spear Of Death. If a butterfly so much as farted in Bolivia, the resultant micro-breeze would've sent this thing slicing through the tree canopy into my head. If you tied a chalk line from the spear and ran it down to my head, it would not only be a STRAIGHT line, it would also cast a shadow that looked a lot like one of those chalk lines around murdered people.

I took pictures as proof. Of course Miss B. says she doesn't want her face on my blog, so the picture has been altered to protect her identity. (ha ha ha ha ha)



Ahem-Kathy said...

Location location location.

Suspicions are now confirmed, I was adopted.

Midge said...

Well, Shit happens.

Dingo Deb said...

ohhh crap....I laughed so hard at the "disguise" I thought, "Since when does she hang out with Pipi Longstocking!???" and THEN I read the post and THEN I started to laughed soooo hard,first at the "butterfly in Bolivia farting" (I had an image in my mind of a butterfly with a scrunched up face trying to push out an air popper)and then at the "disguise" the more more I look at it,the more I laugh.. jeeezzz I'm trying not to let the laugh tears running down my face drip onto the keyboard so I don't short it out....tooo tooooo funny.