Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I've got a new job!

It's low paying. I mean......... really low paying. But it's completely from home so I don't need a sitter or daycare for the kids, David's crazy travel schedule won't come into play, and I can work in my jammies. :)

The bad news is...... until I'm really up to speed and getting the hang of it, the darn job is taking 4 X as much actual time as I planned it to. Honestly, I can do it in a quarter of the time it's taking me, I just have to stop trying to do MORE than what they're paying me for.

The really bad news is...... it has taken it's toll on my blogging. DAMN!! I have funny stories! Honestly!

Miss B (one of my sisters) tried to kill me and the kids today. I have pictures. I have evidence now. I'll post them tomorrow.

If I don't post them tomorrow, then you know her insideous plan has succeeded and we've been struck down by a tree branch!

Stay tuuuuuuuuuned..................


Ahem-Kathy said...

Well, first of all, I am not the Miss B sister. Today is the 17th and and we have yet to see the evidence. It seems the insideous plan has succeeded. Flowers?

Dingo Deb said...

hehhe I'm not the MBS either....
I can make a vegetable platter for the visitors and get the guest book for everyone to sign.

Cheysu said...

I'm still aliiiiiiiiiive.

Miss B says she doesn't want her 'likeness' to be on my blog. :P So pictures a little hard to post. Grrrrr

Midge said...

Well, sinse two of you have said u are not Miss B then i believe we have figured out who sthat is!! Hehe! I love it when i'm sooo smart. :)

Cheysu, what happened to those pictures with the evidence? hmmm?

Ahem-kathy, once in a while you could leave a comment for me too! :)

dingo deb, love u whole bunches!:)