Thursday, July 17, 2008

She'll be home in 24 hours!!!

Guess what I'll be doing at 5:00 tomorrow evening? Huh? Can ya guess??

I'll be leaving to pick up Abby!

Guess what I'll be doing at 6:00 tomorrow evening? Huh? Huh?

I'll be hugging Abby!! (If she'll let me.... it's not cool in front of friends)

Guess what I'll be doing at 8:00 tomorrow evening? Can ya?

I'll be bringing her HOOOOOOOOOOOOME!

But, I didn't miss her or anything. I'm fine. Really. Where's my frikken margarita??


mhandi said...

Part of the pleasure of loving them is getting to miss them.

Balancing Act said...

I am not ready for that yet. I will be the mother holding onto my 18 year old as he is trying to pry free from my arms as he is going to college. Yup... sad... pathedic me. Glad you survived. I wasn't worried about Abby but you... that's another story.