Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where Did She Learn THAT??!!

David and Abby were getting dinner on thier own tonight, out for a Daddy/Abby date, leaving Evie and I at my mom's.

"Why don't you go pick up pizza for us?" said Mom.

"Okay, but its your turn to pay."

Mom hands me a $20.00 bill, but I never get because Evie, sitting in my lap, rips it out of Mom's hands.

My brother laughed, "Wow, she's learning fast!"

Right as he said that, Evie was trying to find a pocket to stuff the money in, but her little jeans didn't have pockets, so she turned to find pockets in my jeans.

Not being able to stuff the money in my (tight) jeans pocket, Evie decided to try to shove the money down her shirt.

"I didn't know she was learning that fast!" my brother laughed.

Then, to my horror, Evie decided that the best place for the cash was down the front of my pants.


Oh my.


Balancing Act said...

She had to learn it somewhere!! Ummm... I wonder where.

Cheysu said...

I stopped taking her to "work" with me months ago! LOL!

Dingo Deb said...

heheheh when in a pinch,anyplace will do. maybe she's watching Macguyver reruns with you?