Monday, August 30, 2010

For Her the Alarm Clangs

Four years of Abigail going to school, NOT counting Kindergarten. (My blog doesn't go back that far and neither does my current drive's photos.) While it is a little hard to see in the current size, if you click on the collage you can see a larger version... and just how much Abby has grown.

Abigail, 1st Grade: I got my fancy lunchbox and my dog. I'm ready.
Abigail, 2nd Grade: I refuse to cut my hair or wear a new sweatshirt, but Dad is still cool.
Abigail, 3rd Grade: Check out the high tops. I'm a fashion QUEEN. Recognize!
Abigail, 4th Grade: Please stop taking pictures before the bus is here.

I have exciting new tadpole pictures, (an embarassing amount, reallly) but the day belongs to Abby. As with every year, the hours grow long without her and the quiet is both relaxing and terrifying. It is both new and old hat now, invigorating and commonplace, relished and yet lonely. My long days of come-what-may are over and our lives are run by the school's schedule, broken by the claxon bells of Abby's new alarm clock.
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Anonymous said...

Cool. Somehow sad. Both.

Dingo Deb said...

*sigh* awwww she is so beautiful. Isn't it sweet how her pics went from all tomboy and bravado to this years pic where she seems a bit more self-conscious and girly. She really is growing up and becoming a young lady. :)