Monday, January 17, 2011

Double Digits and iTunes Accounts

I just said "Goodnight" to my baby girl for the last Single Digit day of her life.

Tomorrow morning at 5:18 a.m. we will celebrate the 10 year anniversary of our oldest daughter's birth.

10 years ago, David and I were watching Star Trek: Voyager after finishing up a plate of Buffalo Wings and the first contraction hit. We don't remember what episode it was, we were slightly preoccupied, but I remember staring at the TV screen while the phrase, "THIS IS IT" pounded an echoed through my skull.

Around 8 hours and no drugs later, I was the proud Mama of a baby who.... seriously, didn't look like me, or any family member I knew of. I kid you not, I stared at her for at least a minute thinking............. "huh. Not what I pictured."

She was amazingly, heartbreakingly beautiful and the most incredibly feminine looking baby I had ever seen. That I sort of expected But I had pictured blonde.

My Abigail was born with dark skin, a full, thick head of black hair, and the reddest, most perfect Angelina Jolie lips ever.
David bathed in glory. My father took one look at Abby and asked me, "Is she yours?"

We have raised Abby through the Finding Nemo years, the Pink Unicorn years, the Pony Club and Puppy Lovin years and finally, heaven help us, onto the Justin Beiber years.

After surveying her room and the amazing present stash that her Nana gifted her with, I said, "Baby, I just don't know what to give you anymore."

She looked at me, with her huge green eyes and then fell into my arms with the most amazing, wonderful, warm embrace....
"Love, Mom. I'm too old for the other gifts now. I just need a gift once a year or so. I need love every day."

I am brought full cycle. Speechless at the amazing gift that is my oldest daughter.

At 5:18 tomorrow morning, she will turn 10. Double Digits. Leaving the pink unicorns and ponies and puppies behind and loading up her iTunes account instead.

She will always be my baby. And I'll never remember that episode of Star Trek: Voyager.


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T.W. said...

Why no comments, I wonder. Was that out loud? Dang! Must. Use. My. Inner. Voice. Still, I wonder why.

Happy birthday to Abbs. And what a quietly endearing reflection on a very special, painful (no drugs, are you crazy, woman! <-not a question), geeky, did I say painful, event. Blonde and blue would have been a great guess, and shiny, but both are recessive, my dear.

And now the birthday girl is all grown up. The present is not for her but from her to make her mother feel better. Beautiful.